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Community resettlement for young Muslims

The report is based on a literature review and interviews with 25 young adult Muslim ex-offenders aged 18-30, mainly from East London ...


Government moves on IPP sentences

Three years after their release, a person serving an IPP will be automatically referred to the Parole Board for a review of their licence....


Some children remanded in custody unnecessarily

A substantial minority of children had a significant history of escalating social care involvement, including receiving support through child protection planning, or they were already in care at the time of the initial remand ...


PAVA spray used disproportionately against black and muslim prisoners

The official guidance is that prison officers are permitted to use PAVA spray when there is: “serious violence or an imminent or perceived risk of it”....


Violence in the youth custody estate

The number of children held in Secure Training Centres and YOIs has continued to decline...


Prison crisis worsens as fifth prison given urgent notification

The escape of a prisoner who was meant to be subject to constant supervision in July 2022 highlighted substantial weaknesses in security...

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